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Sports Driven provides a seamless transition from injury to return-to-play. By incorporating injury prevention, pre-surgery conditioning, rehabilitation, post-rehabilitation and sports performance, we are able to closely monitor and adjust the clients program as needed.

Our certified and state licensed staff can design a return to sport rehabilitation program for most athletic injuries.

Sports Driven rehab takes a team approach with the athlete at the center. Communication, goal development and attainment are interwoven in each rehabilitation session.

Rehabilitation at Sports Driven is a mix of state of the art tools and old school hands on techniques.

Each client is treated as a unique individual with unique needs. We believe in using the tools that will address the needs of the client. Our tool box includes (but is not limited to), functional exercise, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, Kinesio taping, exercise therapy, flexibility training, electric stim, and ultrasound, to list a few.

We offer very clear and focused functional and exercise based rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services are provided by very experienced, professional, licensed and certified staff who's primary goal is to keep the athlete in the game or get them back into the game as quickly and as safely as possible.

Each athlete is evaluated to determine their rehabilitation needs. Then individualized treatment plans are developed to maximize the athlete's potential with evidence-based rehabilitation techniques. We emphasize ongoing consultations with the athlete, family, parents, coaches, athletic trainers and physician to ensure an appropriate treatment plan for the recovering athlete.

Sports Rehabilitation (Sports Specific)

Exclusively sports related out-patient orthopedic rehabilitation with an emphasis on sports related injuries.
Rehabilitation is available for pediatric and adult clients.
Rehabilitation is geared toward evidence-based and exercise based practice.

Post-Rehabilitation Services

There is often a lull between athletes' discharge from physical therapy and their scheduled return to play. In most cases this pause is the product of confines placed by managed health care on patients' access to services. In order to maintain seamless care and prepare an athlete for safe and successful return to play, we provide a post-rehabilitation program geared toward return to sport.

The post-rehab service focuses on the client who has completed rehabilitation and needs or desires further supervised recovery.
Post-rehab provides a continuation of recovery after the completion of formal rehabilitation services.
To assist the athlete in exceeding their pre-injury level of conditioning, coordination and confidence the post-rehabilitation program is intended to be at a higher intensity than their formal rehab program.
The post-rehab program also educates the athlete in injury prevention. Post-rehab focuses on additional injury recovery, retraining and conditioning beyond the level prior to injury. The ultimate goal of post-rehab is to provide a seamless transition back to full sports participation while avoiding re-injury.

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